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What is RSL Life Care? Find out

Working with horses is a meaningful and healing experience.

The Spur Ranch Equine Program has been developed with wellbeing and recovery as core elements and the team are committed to helping participants enjoy and challenge themselves.

  • Designed by veterans for veterans to promote wellbeing and recovery
  • Have fun and challenge yourself
  • Enjoy social connection and interaction with other attendees
  • Located at Spur Ranch, Picton (co-located at RSL LifeCare’s John Goodlet Manor)

2024 Course Dates

2-day Western Handlers Course:

18-19 June
4-5 July
25-26 July
7-8 August
28-29 August
25-26 September

4-day Western Riding Fundamentals course:

20-23 May
15-18 July
19-22 August
9-12 September

Please note, you will need to complete the 2-day course to be eligible for additional courses.

Courses and treks we offer

Courses and treks we offer have been developed with wellbeing and recovery as core elements. The Spur Ranch team are committed to helping participants enjoy and challenge themselves.

2-day Western horse
handler’s course

Our entry level course introduces you to the basics of horse welfare, as well as their nutrition and health needs.

You will take part in a series of activities to develop your skills and level of comfort interacting with horses.

Activities during the course include:

  • Catching, haltering and tying up a horse
  • Handling and educating a horse
  • Joining up
  • Leading
  • Tack and its use

Accommodation is available for participant

4-day Western riding – Fundamentals

Get to know the basics of riding and prepare for the 5-day riding intensive.

Activities during the course include:

  • Fundamentals of Western riding
  • Flatwork
  • Trail riding
  • Safety controlling a difficult horse

Accommodation is available for participants.

5-day Western trail riding

The five-day trail ride is a combination of skills learned in the arena and on trails that simulate trek riding conditions.

This course is designed to raise the skill level of riders, preparing them for our mountain trek.

Accommodation is provided for this course.

Horse Trek and Mustering

Put the skills you’ve learned to the ultimate test.

For those interested, our courses build to the trek and cattle mustering experience. It is exhilarating and challenging but the trail staff and instructors at Spur Ranch will get you through it. It will be an adventure you will never forget.

Ceremonial Troop

A ceremonial honour guard has existed since the early days of RSL LifeCare. This guard was based at the fort located on Bare Island. This guard in their black uniforms with red stripe attended many of the early ceremonial activities of the day.

Today the spirit of that original guard has been recreated.

Volunteering at Spur Ranch

We know that our volunteers make a difference to the lives of veterans and their families who participate in our courses and treks.

Here are some ways that volunteering at RSL LifeCare’s Spur Ranch can be beneficial:

Supporting veterans

You’re helping improve the lives of the veterans and their families that take part in our courses and treks

Improved health and wellbeing

Studies have shown that volunteering can have a positive impact on both your mood and physical health

Improve your employability

Did you know volunteering is an excellent way to boost your career prospects? It helps you create a positive impression, can make you more innovative and creative, and gives you a range of useful skills.

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1. 100% funding on participating certifications

Undertake a participating certification through the RSL LifeCare Earn and Learn Incentive Program1 and you could be eligible to have your learning fully funded.

2. Cash bonus of up to $1000 (less income tax).

Through the RSL LifeCare Sign-on Bonus, you could be eligible for two split payments of $500 (less income tax), when you start a new role with us.

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