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About Us

RSL LifeCare is a charitable organisation caring for over 7,500 residents in our 25 retirement villages and 26 Aged Care Homes across NSW and the ACT.

Since 1911 RSL LifeCare has been serving the community by providing professional, caring support for veterans. Today, we welcome all members of the public – whether veteran or non-veteran – to live in our villages, care homes or at your home. Despite our growth and the passage of time, RSL LifeCare remains true to its original aim and mission – to provide a home of peace and security to senior Australians.

Our vision is one of “Continuing in the ANZAC spirit” by developing supportive, dynamic retirement living communities and providing award-winning, innovative and personalised care for our clients and residents.

Care when you need it most

RSL LifeCare cares for people looking for:
  1. Home Care and Assisted Living support
    Needing some help around the home to maintain your independence and quality of life? Our Home Care team can help. Find out more
  2. Retirement Living homes
    Enjoy life in one of our Retirement Villages, where maintenance is a thing of the past and secure, easy living is your everyday. Find out more
  3. Aged Care Homes
    Relax, knowing you’re safe and well looked after in our home, where your quality of life is foremost in our award-winning care. Find out more
  4. Veterans’ Services
    In addition to permanent residents, we periodically provide accommodation to families and veterans on a short stay basis. There is no other dedicated homeless accommodation for contemporary veterans in Australia. Find out more
Help for vets in need

Veterans' Services

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