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Your Safety


Home Assessment

As part of our assessment processes your RSL LifeCare At Home coordinator will review your home and identify any potential risks to your safety, such as trip hazards to prevent falls, thereby avoiding possible hospital admission. Through our Get READY (Restorative care) program we may also recommend some strengthening and balance exercises to give you more confidence with mobility.

Based on your particular circumstances your carer may also suggest certain aids or other equipment which may help you move safely around the home, or continue to do tasks that you may be struggling with.

Home Safety

You’re not alone

In order to live safely and independently at home without worry there is also a range of personal alarms, monitored “smart home” safety devices (such as motion sensors), telephone support and emergency response services available to you.

This technology is beneficial for those who;

  • Live alone
  • Are at risk of falling
  • Have dementia, epilepsy and chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer
  • Would simply like peace of mind for themselves and their family should an unanticipated event happen
Daily Health Monitoring

Giving you greater control over your health and wellbeing

Through technology called Telemonitoring, information can be collected from medical devices in your home such as weighing scales, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters and blood glucose monitors. These daily readings are automatically sent to your professional carer, allowing them to remotely monitor chronic conditions in real time such as diabetes, asthma, hypertension, congestive heart failure (CHF) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Based on your readings, your carer can take necessary actions or advice to improve your health outcomes.

The benefits of Telemonitoring are;

  • Your health information, with your permission, can be securely shared with family members and loved ones as well as other health providers such as your GP to simplify communication and collaboration
  • Daily monitoring and real-time readings allow for regular, close observation and maintenance of your health
  • You become actively engaged in your own wellbeing

To find out more information please contact us or speak to your RSL LifeCare At Home Manager.

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