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What is RSL Life Care? Find out
RSL LifeCare Veteran Services is committed to providing the best wellbeing support for current and former serving veterans and their families.

In May, we held a series of Emotional Regulation program specifically tailored for the veteran community, to provide immediate skills that veterans can access to support their individual emotional regulation.

This project was supported by a DVA Wellbeing Grant.

Why is the Emotional Regulation Program important?

Trauma and trauma-related mental health disorders are common within the Veteran Community. Research indicates that emotional dysregulation is when emotional responses are poorly regulated. This can include marked changes in mood such as angry outbursts, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, and other self-damaging behaviours. Over time, these changes can significantly impact one’s quality of life, social interactions, and relationships at home or work.

What is “Emotional regulation”?

“Emotion regulation” is a term generally used to describe a person’s ability to effectively manage and respond to an emotional experience. People unconsciously use emotion regulation strategies to cope with difficult situations many times throughout each day. Emotional regulation has been identified as a key protective factor against suicidal ideation and other associated behaviours that contribute to one’s emotional dysregulation.

How did the program work?

RSL LifeCare led this program in collaboration with these organisations –
Frontline Mental Health Services, AtOne, and Western Sydney University.

The program included a range of face-to-face and virtual groups, mindfulness techniques and individual virtual reality programs.

Was there a cost to attend any of the sessions or workshops?

The sessions and workshops were free for veterans and family members to attend.


Our Veteran Wellbeing Centres at Nowra, Dee Why and Wagga Wagga hosted a Wellbeing Open Day for veterans and their families.These open days introduced various techniques for emotional regulation and showcased local wellbeing programs and services that individuals could engage with. We welcomed the community to join us, and to participate in some of the sessions outlined below.
Wellbeing Open Days May 2024



A series of four online workshops were conducted from February to March 2024. Presenters included RSL LifeCare Veteran Services and AtOne

Emotional Regulation Workshops      
Workshop 1

Emotional Regulation

Workshop 2

Meditation & Mindfulness

Workshop 3


Workshop 4

Sound Healing

Missed the live session? 
No worries – just click the link for the recording from each session.

Recording: Emotional Regulation session 1

Recording: Emotional Regulation session 2 – Meditation and Mindfulness

Recording: Emotional Regulation session 3 – Breathwork  Recording: Emotional Reguation session 4 – Sound Healing




An 8 week online course started from Monday 8 April. Participants were required to attend the 8 sessions which ran for 2 hours per session. Presenters included Frontline Mental Health.

This course was an evidence based peer support program delivered by Lived Experience facilitators, and aimed at improving stress management, mood regulation, interpersonal communication skills and relationship skills for current and former serving ADF personnel experiencing chronic stress, distress, trauma and mental health challenges.


We also host sessions which provide information that can help veterans and family members prepare for civilian life.

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to see other events we are hosting.

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to access prior course recordings, and feel free to share them with your contacts who may benefit.

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