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Step into an RSL LifeCare residential aged care service (nursing home) and you can’t help but feel at home. We seek to make your experience warm and inviting, from our homelike design, to our comfortable community areas and private bedrooms, to our exceptional outdoor gardens and landscaped grounds. Look around and you’ll notice points of interest throughout the residence, and you may even spot one of our pets. And, of course, there are always the friendly smiling faces of our staff to ensure that each day spent here is a welcome one. RSL LifeCare has been caring for and serving seniors since 1911 with a simple but compelling vision – to look after and give the best to war veterans who need assistance.  Today, we are open to all Australians and are one of the most experienced and innovative providers of senior living services. Life is what you make it. At RSL LifeCare we believe no two people are alike and we understand that the services each senior requires are never exactly the same. We call this our resident-centred approach to living. It begins with the resident and his or her needs.  It results in choices – choices about day-to-day living, service and care options. In this way, we help maintain independence and dignity and provide the best possible lifestyle and service options. Our approach has made RSL LifeCare one the largest and most comprehensive senior living providers in Australia.

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