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February 23, 2021

Resident artist launches website to promote his work

We would like to congratulate our resident artist at Patrick Bugden VC Gardens Aged Care, Marek Zayler, on the launch of a website to promote his work.

little miracles happen in these places, in our homes”

Marek is known for his tireless efforts in encouraging the pursuit of art at the home. Prior to this, Marek was at a nursing home where it was not practicable for him to paint. In his 5 years as resident artist, he has not only pursued art for himself but sought to foster passionate artistic connection in others.

Lovingly referred to as “the ideas man”, Marek approached Willem, Residential Care Manager, to offer up his services as Curator of the home’s art gallery. In the last few months, Marek has coordinated exhibitions at Ballina and Lismore homes as well.

Marek was also the “ideas man” behind an Intergenerational Exchange Portraiture Exhibition in which residents from the home collaborated with Year 9 & 10 students from Byron Bay High School to showcase work from a 4-week art therapy program. The initiative was hugely successful and resulted in ongoing programs.  Outside of RSL LifeCare, Marek has also exhibited his art in a gallery located in Brunswick Heads in Victoria and sold 70 paintings in a 10-year time period.

Marek began his artistic journey at 50 years old when a friend saw him, as Marek describes it, “fiddling around with a pencil” and suggested he take up art. Prior to this, Marek was an artist of a different kind – he directed theatre, enjoyed writing and made some films. On this new journey, Marek started with charcoal on paper, then did oils for 12 years and has been doing acrylics on canvas for the last 3-4 years and it is these which are featured on his website. Initially Marek said he thought art was something he couldn’t do, but he soon found that abstract art could be freeing.

“First it seems like an unrecogisable mess but out of the mess, I start a line, a colour, and then it starts to happen.”

Marek says “My favourite colours are orange and red. I even have a bright orange wheelchair. Art expresses my inner feelings. I love the energy of colour.”

the ideas man

It’s a pleasure to hear Marek talk about the impact art has had on him, his life and the people he has interacted with.

“I paint because I need to. It is the only place I give myself permission to let go. A painter is a person who paints. Start the process. No preconceptions. And let it evolve.

Too many people inhibit themselves by desiring an outcome too much. I soon know when I start to contrive. It does not feel real.

It does not matter what the painting looks like to begin with. If I trust and keep going gradually it reveals itself. A shape a line a curve. It’s very much intuitive instinctive. I run my hand over the colours and know which one to use.

First it seems like an unrecogisable mess but out of the mess, I start a line, a colour, and then it starts to happen.

A colour may be beautiful but if it does not resonate with the rest it has to go. It’s like composing a piece of music. The more you can shut out the voice of the intellect the clearer the tune.

There are no titles. People look for them in the picture. This way you are free to see what you will. I am learning about letting go and not be afraid. That way the pictures are as honest as I can make them.”

Marek shares that the person who created his website for him was a visitor to the home whose mother was passing away and that she promotes his work as a gesture of thanks for the support he gave her. Marek remarks that “little miracles happen in these places, in our homes” and that art for him really has been a “blessing”.

We congratulate Marek on this exciting chapter of his life. You can see his work and find out more at his website:

Marek Zayler, Resident Artist, Patrick Bugden VC Gardens, Feb 2021

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Resident artist launches website to promote his work

We would like to congratulate our resident artist at Patrick Bugden VC Gardens Aged Care, Marek Zayler, on the launch of a website to promote...

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