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November 30, 2023

Joan’s Creative Pursuits: Knitting, Puzzles, and Cherished Moments at RSL LifeCare​

Many residents at RSL LifeCare love to participate in a variety of hobbies that keep their minds and hearts engaged. One such resident is Joan Herringe from RSL LifeCare Connie Fall. One of Joan’s newfound passions is colouring, a hobby she had set aside for many years. At 90 years young, Joan recalls, “I used to do art when I was in school, but it had been years since I indulged in any creative pursuit.” Last month her artistic passion was reignited, thanks to a gift of a colouring book from her son! 

Joan Herringe, colouring  Joan Herringe, knitting

Joan’s creativity extends beyond colouring. She knits rugs for charity, generously donating them to Stewart House – a Sydney organisation which supports children from underprivileged backgrounds. Joan’s rugs offer warmth and comfort to children during their stays, providing not only physical but also emotional support. Joan’s knitting prowess traces back to her mother, a skilled knitter who likely passed down this cherished craft.

I remember knitting at a young age, probably taught by my mum,”
Joan shares 
with a nostalgic gleam.

Beyond her philanthropic efforts, Joan stays mentally sharp by doing crossword puzzles and enjoying activities that keep her mind active. 

Reflecting on life’s milestones, Joan remembers getting married when she was young and then losing her husband when she was only 60. Even though she faced this deep sadness, she holds dear memories of her husband, Frank, who died from cancer. Her room is adorned with many lovely photos of him that remind her of their wonderful times together and the memories they shared.

In 1999Joan moved to RSL LifeCare Connie Fall, so that she could be comfortable and receive the right level of support, and also give confidence to her daughter that she was in a safe, secure and warm environment.  By making this decision, it enabled her daughter to travel overseas and feel reassured that her mum is well cared for by RSL LifeCare

Community plays a central role in Joan’s life at RSL LifeCare, attending church services on Sundays, followed by gatherings with cherished friends. Together, they enjoy games of lawn bowls and share heartfelt moments.

Joan expresses deep gratitude for the caring and patient team members at RSL LifeCare, acknowledging their kindness.

“All the people here are so kind and lovely”

Joan has experienced loss of her eldest son and her youngest son’s wife. Despite these hardships, she remained resilient, supporting her family during their toughest times.

Joan Herringe’s journey is a testament to resilience, compassion, and the pursuit of a fulfilling life, inspiring those around her with her spirit.

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Joan’s Creative Pursuits: Knitting, Puzzles, and Cherished Moments at RSL LifeCare​

Many residents at RSL LifeCare love to participate in a variety of hobbies that keep their minds and hearts engaged. One such resident is Joan Herringe from RSL LifeCare Connie Fall. One...

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