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September 20, 2023

RSL LifeCare Nowra Community Unveils Visionary Expansion, Elevating Retirement Living to New Heights

RSL LifeCare has today announced Stage 2 release of its Dumaresq Retirement Village at RSL LifeCare Nowra Community. The expansion brings an array of new offerings and services to create a first of its kind community that caters to all retirement needs.

Situated on the idyllic South Coast of NSW, Dumaresq Retirement Village provides a gateway to the region’s convenience and natural beauty. The villas, designed with the utmost comfort in mind, offer spacious living spaces, ensuite bathrooms, and easy-access parking.

At the heart of the village lies the lovingly restored Heritage Clubhouse building “RSL LifeCare Nowra House”, serving as a purpose-built community facility that fosters connection and recreation. Residents and their guests can enjoy the main dining room, lounge area, common kitchen and dining room area, two spacious verandas, and onsite Village Manager office.



The RSL LifeCare Nowra Community masterplan, goes beyond just retirement living. With RSL LifeCare at Home services available, the purpose-built RSL LifeCare Nowra Veteran Wellbeing Centre, and the Jonathan Rogers GC House residential aged care home on-site, comprehensive health and wellbeing support is readily accessible.

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom villas are designed to maximise the beauty of the surrounding gardens and bushland. Features such as L-shaped kitchens, private front entrances, and spacious balconies contribute to the practicality and comfort of these weatherboard homes, which are also pet-friendly. Importantly, they also offer security, including a nurse call system for peace of mind.



In addition to the amenities and living spaces, Dumaresq Retirement Village offers a range of tailored services through RSL LifeCare at Home, including domestic assistance, transportation, flexible respite and personal care. The dedicated local RSL LifeCare at Home team understands the unique needs of each resident and is committed to providing personalised support and guidance, including assistance with navigating government funding systems. RSL LifeCare CEO Janet Muir said,

“We are thrilled to release the next stage of RSL LifeCare Nowra Community, Dumaresq Retirement Village, setting a new benchmark for holistic retirement living. With the integration of the Nowra Veteran Wellbeing Centre, Home Care services and the Jonathan Rogers GC House aged care home, RSL LifeCare Nowra Community redefines the concept of comprehensive care and support within a vibrant community. This expansion reflects our unwavering dedication to providing veterans’ and seniors’ with an elevated lifestyle, surrounded by natural beauty, and supported by an all-encompassing network of services.”

The RSL LifeCare Nowra Veteran Wellbeing Centre (NVWC) is a veteran-centric community facility that offers important services for veterans and their families. Together with charity partner RSL NSW, RSL LifeCare offers everything from financial assistance and referrals too legal aid to counselling; the NVWC provides comprehensive practical and emotional support to veterans, improving their wellbeing and overall quality of life.

Dumaresq Retirement Village acknowledges that circumstances may change over time, and as such, Jonathan Rogers GC House, a 68-bed aged care home, is also conveniently located within RSL LifeCare Nowra Community. This can enable a seamless transition to residential aged care, should the need arise, while maintaining a strong connection to the community and the home those come to cherish.

Dumaresq Retirement Village at RSL LifeCare Nowra Community represents a visionary approach to retirement living, combining exceptional amenities, a supportive community, and access to comprehensive healthcare services; a place where retirement reaches new heights.

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RSL LifeCare Nowra Community

124 Wallace Street, Nowra

Display Villa open for inspection by appointment only 


(02) 4409 5058


*All images are artist impressions

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