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December 08, 2017

Don’t make scammers’ Christmas | RSL Life Care

It’s that time of the year again when the low-life scammers who plague our email inboxes and phones, ramp up their activity with an almost festive frenzy, in the knowledge that we’re extra busy, extra tired, we’re paying out money hand over fist and that even the most cautious of us can slip and be “taken for an expensive ride”.

“The Senior” has recently complied a list of some of the scams that do the rounds around this time of year. If it looks dodgy and seems dodgy it probably is dodgy:

  • Scam or unreliable online retailers
  • Fake parcel delivery scams arriving in email inboxes
  • Romance and dating scams
  • Fake holiday accommodation booking sites
  • The Centrelink scam
  • Fake gift cards or vouchers
  • Credit card surcharges

For a more detailed summary please click here

Source: The Senior Online

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