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Once you have been assessed, there are many different homes available. We would recommend visiting a few different Aged Care homes and finding one you feel more comfortable with. Ensure you have an understanding of the costs associated with your preferred home. The various costs can be complicated and some people take advantage of independent aged care specific advice.


In some of our care homes we have allocated respite rooms to help you for a short term stay, either pre-booked (planned) or on an emergency basis. For planned circumstances you can pre-book a short stay. This is generally used if your carer would like to take a holiday and you are unable to care for yourself at home. We understand however that you may have an unplanned emergency need for care. In this instance please call your nearest Aged Care Home for availability.

We also offer respite in a permanent room for a limited time to allow you to get a feel for living in an care home. Considering a shift into a care home can be daunting, particularly after living so many years in your family home. These short stays give you a feel for the home, without you making a permanent choice.

Once you have an Approval for Residential Care Respite (at High or Low Level) you are eligible for short term care in one of our Aged Care Homes.

The time frame for the respite is at the discretion of the individual care homes although we always try to accommodate your choice. Please contact your local area for more information.

For DVA card holders
If you hold a Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Gold Card the following services are available to Members each Financial Year.

DVA 28 Day Approval from Home
Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) will cover the Basic Daily Care Fee (BDCF) for 28 days when you enter an Aged Care Home for Respite and you are admitting from your Home.

DVA 21 Day Approval from Hospital (known as Convalescent Care)
Department of Veterans Affairs will cover the Basic Daily Care (BDCF) for 21 days and you will not be charged any extra services fees or additional services when you enter an Aged Care Home for Respite and are admitting from Hospital.

The DVA approval will need to be faxed through to RSL LifeCare within 24 hours of Admission. For assistance please call your local Aged care home.



Most of our care homes offer you a single room with an ensuite. We aim to provide a comfortable environment that you can make into your home. We provide many other spaces for you to enjoy as well – gardens, community rooms, TV rooms etc.  Please visit us while you are making your choice for your next home.

The financial arrangements around aged care are quite complicated. As a starting point, you should complete an Assets and Income Assessment with Centrelink. The results of that assessment can have a big impact on how much you have to contribute and how much the government will contribute.

Please contact your local Aged care home or check any homes of interest on this website for the published price.



For permanent residency there is a document to be completed which is sent to Centrelink  -DHS (Department of Human Services) or DVA – (Department of Veterans Affairs). This is a comprehensive document which enables Centrelink to determine how much you pay towards your accommodation. Centrelink can assist to complete this document or seek advice from a Financial Advisor who specialises in Aged Care.

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