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Specialist Services

– Come and join with us at RSL LifeCare!

Work with leading professionals and develop your career

RSL LifeCare seeks leading care specialists to enhance service to our people. If you are a care professional, or training to be, you will have an exciting opportunity to develop your clinical skills under the guidance of genuine clinical experts who really care about making a difference. This will develop your professional clinical skills.

  • People experienced in senior and corporate management who want to “give something back” – generalist managers with a varied skill and education base as well as registered nurse clinicians
  • Registered Nurse Managers with experience managing or helping to manage residential aged care homes or community care services
  • Registered Nurse Managers with acute care management experience interested in transitioning to residential or community aged care
  • Experienced Retirement Living Managers
  • Experienced Chefs
  • Registered Nurse Clinician/Manager with specialist:
    • dementia skills and/or training
    • palliative care skills and/or training
    • wound care skills and/or training
    • continence skills and/or training
    • infection control skills and/or training
    • ACFI skills and/or training
    • infection control skills and/or training
  • Registered Nurse Clinician/Manager with specialist ACFI skills
  • Physiotherapist Registered Nurse Clinician/Manager with specialist dementia skills
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Diversional Therapy

Some quotes from our staff:

“the impact that we can make on someone’s quality of life no matter how small , makes it all worthwhile”

“it is a privilege to work with Veterans, some people only get to hear stories – we see them on a daily basis”

“our education program provides opportunities for all our staff”

“it was hard going at times to get to where we are now”

“a magic place to work”

“you can feel the ANZAC culture”

“I love my job – and I enjoy listening to their stories”