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Sample Sidebar Staff Testimonials

RSL LifeCare has a comprehensive Quality, Educational and Talent Development framework for employees.

Strategic Workforce Planning

VITAL is a proposed organisational framework to meet the increasing needs and expectations of an ageing population with limited resources. There is broad agreement across the sector that traditional Aged Care organisational structures, operations and resourcing will not deliver the essential facilities for the future and organisations will need to develop new service delivery models and operational practices to sustain commercial viability. The purpose of the VITAL Framework is to propose an effective change management process designed to lead a desirable positive impact to all current and future stakeholders of RSL LifeCare. The primary intention is to empower the workforce to meet service demands by creating genuine opportunities for innovation and shared leadership practices.

VITAL Objectives

  • Aligned Vision
  • Encouraging Innovation
  • Establishing Talent Management Pathways
  • Reinforcing Shared Accountability
  • Growing Leadership Capability
Talent Management

Talent Management or the “art of having the right people in the right jobs at the right time” epitomises the Talent Management philosophy of RSL LifeCare. Talent can be defined as people with the potential to make a difference to performance either in the short or long term and RSL LifeCare are investing in their employees to strengthen workforce capability for sustained future commercial and social success. An example:

Growing Our Own – ACORN Mentoring Program

RSL LifeCare is partnering with Acorn Network to pilot a mentoring program that is focusing on growing our emerging leadership talent. Based on individual learning needs via a Training Needs Analysis and Talent Selection Matrix the 5-month program encompasses a blended education approach of face to face, Skype and on-line delivery to support staff in all regional areas, which resulted in 23 of the 26 program participants being situated in regional NSW.

Nominated by their respective managers across the organisation the 26 employees commenced the program and undertook monthly mentoring sessions focusing on leadership development and key management competencies. Participant evaluations were conducted to assess the program’s impact regarding professional development and performance.


RSL LifeCare adopt a blended learning approach by providing a broad mix of training methods to maximise an employee’s learning potential for future professional and personal growth. Key strategies include:


To ensure compliance, improve employee engagement, accelerate employee performance and support organisational goals RSL LifeCare has implemented an LMS to manage organisational learning and professional development growth from a central platform. The LMS has been designed to enable blended and mobile learning and self-directed growth pathways and possesses the capability to manage and track continuing professional development (CPD), support mandatory compliance training and be an interactive platform to establish a career and talent development based system.

Flexible Mandatory Education

To increase staff engagement and accessibility, mandatory education has been professionally filmed and distributed organisation wide via a USB. The benefits include:

  • Decrease potential risk of compliance breaches
  • Improved education consistency in delivering standardised learning outcomes
  • Increase staff training engagement levels
  • Minimise administration inefficiencies for chasing up staff to attend training sessions
  • Enhance employee accessibility to mandatory education
  • Enhanced flexibility for staff who work night and weekend shifts.


Growing coaching capability throughout all levels of the organisation is a strategic developmental workforce initiative to enhance individual skills, knowledge, work performance and career transitions.


Intergenerational technique to close skills gaps throughout all workforce levels of the organisation. An internal or external relationship based on common interests, knowledge, experience and understanding of the workplace to support the development of a more junior or inexperienced staff member.

Leadership Development

To support growing consumer service expectations and industry demands RSL LifeCare facilitate a variety of Leadership development programs that aim to transform current managers into becoming visionary leaders who can inspire, challenge, motivate and support our workforce to achieve higher levels of performance and greater job satisfaction. Highlights include:

Leadership Development Program

This initiative has been designed to reflect the belief, that first and foremost, leadership is personal and varied based upon individual strengths, preferences and organisational context and therefore a robust blended learning approach has been applied encompassing a 360° assessment tool, face to face workshops and on the job coaching. The primary objectives of this Leadership Development Program are to provide a sustainable, measurable, flexible and effective way of revolutionising leadership development across RSL LifeCare. Growing the organisations leadership capability and capacity will enable RSL LifeCare to develop the foundation for providing our leaders with the knowledge and skills to challenge the status quo and empower the workforce to innovate, shape and support the organisations future commercial and social goals.

Emerging Leaders Program – GLAM

Another initiative of RSL LifeCare’s evolving Leadership Development Framework is providing opportunities for our high performing female leaders. Targeting the two categories of development potential under the age of 30 years old and leadership in Aged Care, two staff were successful in enrolling in the emerging young leadership development program for Quality, Education & Talent Development Webpage Proposal – Great Leaders Are Made (GLAM). Identifying high potential employees for accelerated development is imperative for an organisation wanting to achieve and sustain future commercial and social growth. Given that success of a leader is an ever-moving target in today’s highly dynamic business climate, understanding our employee’s full repertoire of talents is now more of an organisational imperative than it has ever been. The objective of this leadership development initiative is to empower participants by supporting the development of their management and leadership skills in preparation for future leadership roles within our organisation.

Future employee engagement initiatives will encompass Career Management strategies as listed below:

Career Management

Existing Leadership – Secondments

The temporary loan of an identified high potential leader to another department or role is widely recognised throughout RSL LifeCare as a valuable process for succession planning and developing the workforce for future changing conditions and increasing demands.

Emerging Leadership – Shadowing / Job Rotations

Targeting emerging leaders, a supportive developmental process to grow the skills and competencies of up and coming employees to prepare them for new or higher-roles of responsibility.

  • I enjoy listening to residents’ histories; their stay with us is such a small part of very long lives. As staff, we see them most days and so become part of each others lives. I often discover that many have achieved amazing things and I love listening to their stories.

    I have studied and progressed within aged care from a Certificate 3 level to Enrolled Nurse and this year have commenced studies as a Registered Nurse. My future plan includes remaining within the Aged care Sector. I aspire one day to be Clinical Manager.

    Emily Ravaillion Enrolled Nurse - Fred Ward Gardens (ACT Southern Tablelands region)
  • I was born and raised in the Philippines and took the opportunity given by my Auntie to study in Australia in 2010, after receiving my Nursing Registration back home. I enrolled in the Bachelor of Nursing – Graduate Entry at University of Western Sydney. Whilst studying, I worked for a casually as an AIN in Governor Phillip Manor and another aged care facility. When the opportunity arose I applied for the New Graduate Program at the RSL LifeCare. I have now been working with the RSL Lifecare for 5 years. I’ve been given the opportunity to enhance my skills, knowledge and experience and I have grown to be more passionate and dedicated to my work. I see the opportunity of progressing my career and profession within the RSL Lifecare organization.

    Kamille Jugal Registered Nurse - Governor Phillip Manor (Central region)
  • I have to admit that I have adopted them as my extended family and therefore their needs are my priority. Like their families who have entrusted the care of their loved ones to us, I try to anticipate their needs and spend time with them. One of those things is having time to listen to their memories. I have learnt so much from them. Some of these people have raised large families in times of hardship especially during the Second World War. Some have suffered tragedies that I have only read about, these people have lived it.

    Some have moved their families to a totally different country to give their children a better life away from the support of their extended families. We need to honor our elderly and I can’t imagine doing anything else other than what I am doing today.

    Anne Wheeler Recreation Officer, John Edmondson VC Gardens (Central)
  • Watching how the nurses cared for my grandmother in her last years convinced me that I wanted a career within the aged care industry. I have now been a carer for four years and it has been a thoroughly educating and enjoyable experience. I love my job; the impact that I am making to someone’s quality of life makes coming to work each day worthwhile. I have the privilege of taking care of them as well as being part of their every day life, listening to them and enjoying their different personalities and needs.

    Kelly Murray Carer, John Edmondson VC Gardens (Central)
  • After spending most of my working life in various roles in the retail industry then raising a family and taking care of my mother I always had great admiration for the Aged Care Workers I would come in contact with. When the opportunity came for me to have a career change I was very blessed to obtain a position with RSL LifeCare in an aged care facility. I go home at the end of each day and feel so good that I have helped the residents in some way, whether it is personal care, giving them a hug when they need it, making them a cup of tea or just having a chat about their life experiences.

    To me caring for the residents at John Edmondson VC Gardens is the most fulfilling and rewarding job I have ever had and I feel very privileged to be a part of this wonderful facility.

    Norelle Morrow Carer, John Edmondson VC Gardens (Central)
  • It is a privilege to be involved in an organisation that serves the community with such dedication. During ANZAC Day I took part in a very emotional and meaningful service, the memory of which will stay with me forever. I have observed that there is a great commitment by the staff towards care of the residents; it is wonderful and so motivating to be part of such a caring team.

    Maria Saunders Care Manager, Ron Middleton VC Gardens (Central)
  • I have grown up in Austral and it is so great to see my young children enjoy the things I did when I was young. Living and working in the Austral community is a blessing, surrounded my some amazing people.

    I enjoy working for RSL LifeCare and love all of my residents. There is always a new story to tell, along with some great laughs. I love the fact that we can all come together when needed and help and support each other. It is like I have gained another family.

    Holly Madden Village Coordinator, Tobruk Village Austral (Central)
  • I really enjoy working at Chauvel Village Goonellabah. The residents here are such characters. It makes your day to come to work and see what will happen: they can be funny, they can be serious, they are all different, some tell jokes and some tell you too much at times, but each and every one of them have a soft and lovely side; you just want to give them a big hug. Working here I think has made me a better person, calmer, and more thoughtful, thanks to the residents.

    Colleen Pezzutti Chef, Chauvel Village, Goonellabah (Far North Coast)
  • I am always telling people that I have the best job in the world. There is so much history and life experience in every person we care for in the Village. I truly feel it is a privilege that these wonderful residents chose to share their days, time and stories with me and I am grateful to their families for allowing us to share their parent or grandparents with us. I love spend time with residents doing the activities, we laugh so much and I have learnt that Bingo must be taken very seriously! I love that I get to laugh with residents everyday, to help them and their families through difficult times and also cry with them in times of sadness and loss. I get to spend my days with wonderful people who share their life stories with us. This is why I have the best job in the world.

    Leesa Kwok Manager - Chauvel Village, Goonellabah (Far North Coast)
  • I have been here at Albert Moore Gardens for two years now. I started working as a carer and then started working in the kitchen occasionally. I now work full time in the kitchen.

    The three most important things in my life are my family, my farm, horses and other animals. On several occasions I have brought my animals from the farm in to see the residents. Once I brought my pony in and the residents loved that. On another occasion I brought my rabbits, birds and other animals to the home for a visit. Last year on our family fun day in June my husband and I brought a mini farm with a pony, some goats, and piglets and a little puppy. They were all very popular with the residents who loved to see and to hold the smaller ones.

    Rebecca Burns Kitchen staff, Albert Moore Gardens (Far South Coast)
  • I have worked at Hugh Cunningham Gardens, formally known as Mariner Park for over 10 years. I am a hairdresser by trade and still work as a hairdresser one day a week for the residents. The other four days, I work in Administration and at Reception. Prior to that I worked as a carer for many years and have also worked as the Infection Control Officer at Hugh Cunningham Gardens.

    I’ve also been lucky to be able to travel extensively. I’ve travelled all over Europe, including England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. I’ve also enjoyed some amazing holidays in Asia.

    I love my job as it is very rewarding and I really enjoy my days in hairdressing for the pleasure that it brings to the residents. For my hairdressing days, I have compiled some photos on the digital photo frame of my travels around the world which I play through the day - I call this armchair travel. The residents really love this as they often reminisce because they have either been to some of these countries themselves or have come from there. I feel fortunate to be able to incorporate this into my working week.

    Di Clare Administration, Reception and Hairdresser, Hugh Cunningham Gardens (Far South Coast)
  • Hi, my name is Taylor Farrell and I’m one of the care staff at Roy Wotton Gardens. I was born in Pambula in 1995 and I have always lived in Eden. Before I became a carer I completed an apprenticeship in hairdressing. I then decided to go back to school and become a Registered Nurse. I am now about to start the second year of my Bachelor of Nursing out of the University of Wollongong Bega campus. I am really enjoying the career path I have chosen with nursing and look forward to many more opportunities and experiences in the future.

    Taylor Farrell Care staff, Roy Wotton Gardens (Far South Coast)
  • Before I came to work here I studied at Tocal Agricultural College for two years and then worked as a Jillaroo for 12 months at Forbes and local dairy farms. I then completed my qualifications for Aged Care and started working at Lara over five years ago. I really enjoy my time at work with my colleagues and our residents. It makes my day when I know I’ve put some happiness into their day. I now know that Aged Care is for me and not farm work.

    Chloe McLucus Carer and WHS Representative, Lara Aged Care (Hunter mid-North)
  • My career has seen me working across surgical, theatres, medical & rehabilitation nursing, infection control, injury management and work health and safety for NSWHealth.

    I've been working at Peter Sinclair Gardens for almost four years. I commenced as a Registered Nurse, and have had the luxury of having experienced managers mentor me, and great colleagues working with me as I progressed to aged care management as Care Manager last year.
    Whilst the position has its challenges, I find my role rewarding in so many ways. It is a privilege to care for my residents. I particularly enjoy facility events and dressing up. I enjoy their smiles, their stories and how they make me feel when they are content.
    I chose this company because of the veteran culture. I have family members whom served in past wars, and family members who lost their lives in war. My family and I moved to the area to slow down a little having left busy corporate positions, and to enjoy the lifestyle in this beautiful town. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, spending time on the beach and planning my next holiday as I love to travel, though nothing will top my last holiday to Africa.

    I enjoy the challenges that working in aged care brings, as we strive for excellence in the provision of resident centred care. I work with a great team, with extensive corporate team support, and I look forward to many more years in the company.

    Jenny Walton Care Manager, Peter Sinclair Gardens (Hunter Mid North)
  • I joined RSL LifeCare in 2013 at Remembrance Village, and so enjoyed working in our facility that I even asked my wife, Michelle, to work with us. I still remember both of us were deeply attracted by those fascinating photos around the building when we first started working here, and the atmosphere is so different comparing with any other aged care facilities we worked for.

    I lived in Sydney for 5 years and completed my Bachelor of Nursing Course at the Australian Catholic University prior to moving to Wagga Wagga, and worked in another local nursing home for three years. I started as an RN with RSL LifeCare, and then trained to be a Peer Support & Assessor. I was also Care Manager here for two years which was an honor, but have since returned to the floor as a Registered Nurse as I found I missed the everyday “hands on” interaction with our residents.

    Rocky Cao Registered Nurse Remembrance Village (Riverina)
  • I came into the caring role for purely selfish reasons. I could feel good about myself and it also filled the hole of the empty nest! Then, it wasn’t any longer about me. Rather it became about having a positive effect on those whose lives I have been honoured to contribute towards. I became one of those lucky people who actually loves’ their job.

    Having recently relocated, I jumped at the chance of being able to work at Teloca, and enter the Aged Care Sector. The staff at Teloca were very welcoming, answered my thousands of questions very patiently and shared their knowledge willingly. Carers and support workers are just that, amazing caring individuals, who love nothing better than providing exceptional care to those they support.

    The Aged Care sector also comes with a myriad of different challenges. Dementia, behaviours, poor skin integrity, depression, Alzheimer’s, pain management etc. That is what keeps the mind working, the job challenging and each day different to the one before.

    Julie Wilcox Carer, Teloca House (Riverina)
  • I have had a few different jobs over the years including real estate, slaughter floor in the abattoirs and bartending. I finally found my place in Aged Care 25 years ago. I have an honest compassion and respect for the elderly and I feel honoured that I can come to work each day and leave knowing I have made a difference in someone’s life. My lovely partner in life also works at Teloca so not only do I get told what to do at home, I get told what to do at work as well, and believe me she enjoys it.

    Mat Deen Care Worker, Teloca House (Riverina)
  • I moved to Australia from New Zealand 38 years ago and became an official Australian Citizen in 2016. I have now been living in Condobolin for 12 years with 7 of those 12 years working at the facility. I love working here because in such a small community the residents that we nurse are either from within our small town or from towns around the area. This gives me and other staff a strong connection with the residents as they have been valued members of the community we live in, and we know many of them well. To look after the elderly is an honour as our residents depend greatly on us. We really need to listen to the residents and provide them with love and friendships that they deserve. This facility is not just their home but everyone in it becomes a close friend which could also be considered as one big family. After completing my Certificate 3 and 4 in aged care I then chose to further my understanding specifically in dementia and mental illness which has really given me a great understanding of the Dementia Specific Unit. Instead of finding dementia intimidating, I find it interesting and challenging which is what I really love.

    Evelyn Clifford William Beech Gardens (Riverina)
  • I was born into a large family in the Philippines but moved to Queensland, Australia with my husband in 2014 with the hope to settle down and start a better future. I worked in a retirement home rotating from kitchen to care staff. My husband was then offered a job sponsorship which allowed us to stay in Australia so we moved to Condobolin where I began working in the kitchen but am now working as a Care Service Employee. Both of my parents passed which is a big part of why my dream was to work with the elderly as I really enjoy their company. I am currently pregnant and looking forward to starting a family with my husband. I love working in all areas at the facility but especially in the Dementia Unit as it is very rewarding. I enjoy singing songs to the residents and along with them as well and it is always a very relaxed environment. I love being in Australia and look forward to many more years living here.

    Jacqueline Torre Carer, William Beech Gardens (Riverina)

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