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August 05, 2019

Aged Care Employee Day

As anyone working in aged care knows, there’s not enough hours in the day. Sometimes the most important things – like saying thanks – get left out in favour of urgent tasks.

Today, however, is Aged Care Employee Day, so grab a cuppa and take a moment to read some messages of thanks from the Management Team at RSL LifeCare. After all, every good leader knows they’re only as good as their team…

On this day August 7, we say a heartfelt thank you to all of our Aged Care Employees who consistently strive to brighten and enhance the lives of the men and women that we care for every day.

The commitment, kindness and compassion displayed, day in and day out, to improve the quality of life for those living in Aged Care is recognised and acknowledged today as a united pillar of strength among RSL LifeCare’s dedicated workforce.

– Ben Van Lierop – Executive General Manager, People and Culture

A very big thank you to every single person working at RSL LifeCare today, Aged Care Employee Day.

I believe it takes a special type of person to work in Aged Care. Since joining RSL LifeCare, I have seen incredible dedication, commitment and passion by all of you who are providing wonderful care and support to all of our residents and Home Care clients. Have a terrific time celebrating with your colleagues.

– Kylie Seymour – Executive General Manager – Marketing and Communications

Today we say thank you to all staff that are involved in the aged care journey of our residents. I would like to thank those that work behind the scenes in Corporate Services. Your dedication and hard work is greatly appreciated.

– Drew Pearce – Chief Financial Officer

I would like to take the time to say Thank you. Thank you all for your everyday commitment, your everyday support and your everyday smiles to our residents. Thank you for making a difference in their days and in their lives.

– Tim Bannigan – General Manager, Retirement Living

Thank you to the all the amazing team at RSL LifeCare. Thank you for your warmth, your passion and your dedication in making a positive difference to the lives of our clients, their families and the community every day.

– Gavin Hudson – General Manager, Home Care

A lot of our residents choose to live with us because of the low maintenance lifestyle we provide. A big thanks to everyone in maintenance and landscaping in helping to provide this lifestyle in beautiful landscaped settings across all our sites. Thank you!

– Ross Coyle – General Manager, Asset Management

I’m pretty new and have not been in touch very widely outside of my team but would love to acknowledge the dedication of the quality team. They provided a very warm welcome for me and they are always available to offer support across the wider RSLLC team. I have witnessed since I have arrived that they are an amazing group of people and currently working very hard to get up to speed with the new standards.

– Wendy Bowker – General Manager, Clinical Governance

I am proud to work in Residential Aged Care. I have a great team around me and I am thankful every day for the passion and effort that each and every one of them put into enriching the lives of our residents.

Today is a great day to recognise and thank you all.

– Luke Young – Regional Manager, Residential Aged Care Central

It’s an honour to be part of a team of dedicated professionals. We don’t say thank you often enough, but I am pleased that on a special day like this one, we can all take the time to celebrate the wonderful difference we all make to so many peoples lives.

It is not just the residents that we are helping, but their family and friends as well. Thank you!

– Sally Renshaw – Regional Manager, Residential Aged Care South

Working in Retirement Living & Aged Care has its challenges but also wonderful interactions with a lot of special people. We recognise how much you and all of our employees contribute to caring for our wonderful residents.

It’s that smile, good morning or good afternoon that makes someone’s day and our employees are amazing and bring a touch of sunshine to all the residents in the village both independent living and in residential care.

A big thank you for going that extra mile and making someone’s day.

– Robin Grady – Regional Manager, Retirement Living Central

Thank you for being willing to take on extra work when it’s busy & for your unbelievable work ethic and dedication. Thank You on behalf of the Residents who may not see the hours and energy you put into making their communities vibrant, fun and safe. You’re valued and I Thank You.

– Renee Yates – Regional Manager, Retirement Living North

I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to my team of Village Managers within the Southern region of Retirement Living. They are a dedicated and passionate team always striving to provide the best support to our residents. They go out of their way to ensure the Villages are harmonious and enjoyable places to live, as well as attending to the smallest details to ensure our residents’ transition into Village life is as smooth as possible.

Further to this, the team has embraced the changes to the new structure and warmly welcomed me into the region. I feel privileged to work alongside such a wonderful team and look forward to working together collaboratively to achieve our organisational goals”.

– Sarah Redden – Regional Manager, Retirement Living South

A huge thank you to all the dedicated teams working every day to care for our residents. We all know working in aged care is not easy but it is a privileged position and all of your hard work does not go un-noticed.

– Dean Saxby – Regional Manager, Operations West

Meal time is the highlight of many of our residents day as it provides an opportunity for the residents to socialise. Thank you to all the catering staff who help prepare and serve more than 2 million meals every year. The dedication in providing healthy, delicious and age appropriate meals in greatly appreciated.

– David Mead and Scott Murray – Head Chef-Manager Hotel Services

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