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March 12, 2018

Virtual Reality makes age no barrier in care homes

Our care home residents have been having great fun using Virtual Reality (VR) glasses as part of their recreation activity program.

Consisting of a mobile phone or IPod, virtual reality goggles and virtual reality software, this technology allows residents to leave behind the world of their care home and experience trips to far-flung locations, underwater adventures and a variety of soothing and relaxing meditative experiences. They can also explore the universe, which is a very popular destination.

With the goggles on, they are immersed in a 360-degree computer-generated world, allowing them to move their heads to look around the environment. Our residents have been trialling these goggles and it is smiles all round.

One of the popular virtual activities is armchair travel; Joy is enjoying her trip to England, travelling the country roads and marvelling at the architecture.  “It is so real!” she says. These goggles and software give our residents an opportunity to explore a new world beyond their care homes, to travel to far flung lands and in some cases bring back treasured memories. We are very keen to have this technology in all of our care homes and are looking forward to many more virtual adventures.

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