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Donations and Bequests

RSL LifeCare grew from a commitment to look after those that needed help – Courage, Endurance, Mateship and Sacrifice.

Donations and Bequests have played a huge part of RSL LifeCare’s history since 1911, when we first began at Bare Island on Botany Bay.

The need for services continues to grow with thousands of senior Australians looking to RSL LifeCare for assistance. 40% of people in residential care with RSL LifeCare receive financial support. Also, there are retirement living homes available for those who have served our country and need financial help. RSL LifeCare is ready to answer these needs and invites people who understand the importance of well managed aged care communities to support us with a Donation and/or Bequest.

A Donation and/or Bequest presents an opportunity to support the important work of RSL LifeCare with tax deductible donations and the ultimate gift – a Bequest in your Will.

For more information, please contact Penny Joy on (02) 8978 4285, email her at penny.joy@rsllifecare.org.au or via post at 90 Veterans Parade, Narrabeen NSW 2101.

Thank you for your interest in RSL LifeCare’s important work.

Care and support of our older community members is a true remembrance of who we are as Australians.